"Night of Shadows, Night of Knives"

Magic and Mechanica Anthology

Ricasso Press

Coming soon!



The Servant of the Manthycore Series

"The Voice of the Spoiler"

First published in The Sword Review

October 2005


Reprinted in Better Fiction

March 2006

Reprinted in The Sword Review

June, 2007


"gritty; unusual and involving"

Tangent Online

 Top Ten Finisher, Preditors & Editors Readers Poll

Best Fantasy Short Story, 2005



"The Servant of the Manthycore"

The Sword Review

April 2006

"Reminiscent of the classic sword and sorcery tales by Robert E. Howard and Michael Moorcock; wickedly fun."

Tangent Online

Top Ten Finisher, Preditors & Editors Readers Poll

Best Fantasy Short Story, 2006


"Weaving Spiders Come Not Here"

The Sword Review

August 2007


"Nothing But Our Tears"

The Sword Review

September 2007


"The Scarlet Colored Beast"

The Sword Review

October 2007


The Servant of the Manthycore

Double Edged Publishing 2007

Foreword by Michael Moorcock

inc: "Voice of the Spoiler", The Servant of the Manthycore", "Love is the Slayer",

"Weaving Spiders Come not Here", "The Tears of Ishtar", "Nothing but Our Tears"

"The Scarlet Colored Beast" and "Writing in the Bronze Age"


"Who Comes for the Mother's Fruit"

Every Day Fiction

November 2007


"Stand, Stand, Shall They Cry"

Flashing Swords #8

November 2007

Top Ten Finisher, Preditors & Editors Readers Poll

Best Fantasy Short Story, 2007


"To Destroy All Flesh"

The Return of the Sword

An Anthology of Heroic Adventure

March 2008


"The First Trial of Jermaish the King"

Flashing Swords #10

May 2008






"Dancing with the Elder Gods"

Thirteen Magazine

October 2005


"Darkling I Listen; and for Many a Time"

Fear and Trembling

Fall 2007

"Outsourcing as only Michael Ehart can make it!"

Scott Sandridge



From the casebooks of Joe Denfar, Exorcist with Attitude:

"An Exorcism Straight, Hold the Elvis"

The Sword Review

 October 2005

"plays three card monte with the reader's expectations and wins every time."

Tangent Online


 "Six Zombies Doing that Mick Jagger Strut"

Damned in Dixie: An Anthology of Southern Horror

Tenoka Press

Fall 2007




Science Fiction


"It's a Living"


November 2005

December Selection, Imaginary Word



"The View from the Shotglass Floor"

Ray Gun Revival

March 2006


"...goes down like a shot of your favorite adult beverage; short, fiery, and packs a wallop."

Johne (Phy) Cook


"The Stars by Law Forbidden"

Unparalleled Journeys II

Journey Books

Fall 2007!


Other Stuff

"Only His Name"

Every Day Fiction

March 2008

"This is how it was done in the Good Old Days!"

Michael D. Turner


"Without Napier"

Every Day Fiction

April 2008

"This is a great story. I like so much about it, I’ll just say that I like so much about it."

Kevin Shamel